FAQs Craft Fabulous

FAQs Craft Fabulous

No list of Frequently Asked Questions can ever be exhaustive.

We have collected here, though, as many of the common queries as we possibly can without straying into irrelevance.

The aim is to give short but informative answers and to solve any problems you may have.

If the answers below do not resolve your issue then please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

How Often Should I Change My Needle?

Which Type Of Thread Should I Use?

Should I Use Lubricant On My Machine?

Do I Need My Machine Tuning Up?

What Is Automatic Threading?

Why Are The Stitches Uneven?

Why Is It That My Thread Always Breaks?

What Are Presser Feet?

What Presser Feet Are The Best?

What Is The Feed Dog?

Can You Explain A Free Arm?

Is It Possible To Embroider Vinyl?

Is There A Difference Between An Electric Machine And A Computerized Machine?

What Are Some Key Points To Think About When Buying A Computerized Machine?

What's A Free Embroidery Sewing Machine?

What Things Do I Need To Start Free Embroidery?

How Can I Prepare For Free Embroidery?

What Do I Need To Know About Quilting Machines?

Can My Child Safely Use A Sewing Machine?

Why Is The Bobbin Winding Unevenly?

Why Can't I See The Take-Up Lever?

How Can I Troubleshoot When My Machine Is Not Working Properly?

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