Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yum Yum Heavenly Face Cream

I have always loved making things, but making my own bath products is new to me! I asked my husband for a Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit for Christmas and a friend of mine who sells Young Living products hooked me up! (or maybe I should say hooked my whole family up!) Not only did I get the starter kit, but my mom got me several items to go along with the kit! (like these cute little glass jars!) 

I couldn't wait to try some of the oils! My friend gave me this recipe for Heavenly Face Cream. She says she's been using it for a while now and can see a remarkable difference her skin! So I whipped up a small batch. NOTE: This recipe will make enough to fill a 4oz glass jar. (Yes, it must be glass! The oils will seep into plastic and break down the chemicals) 

I tried a little and was so impressed at how dewy and soft my face felt after just one application! 24hrs later and my face still feels like that! A word of advice....this stuff goes a long way! Just use a tiny tiny bit and if you need more, get a tiny bit more. If your face feels too oily afterwards, you've probably applied too much, just wipe away the excess with a towel. *I recommend applying just before bedtime so it has time to absorb into your skin. 

Why It's So Awesome:

Frankincense Essential Oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin, making it ideal for acne-prone skin. It is also a natural toner, decreasing the appearance of pores and evening skin-tone. It is cytophylactic, which means that it helps protect existing cells and encourage new cell growth. For this reason, it helps reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and reduce the appearance of scars. It also helps soothe chapped, dry skin.

Lavender Essential Oil helps lighten the appearance of age spots and scars. It is helps regenerate skin cells so is great for mature skin, sun spots, and scarring. Another great oil for all skin types and needs.

How I made it:

10 drops of Lavender 
10 drops of Frankincense
1/2 C. Shea Butter
1/4 C. Coconut Oil

I used my kitchenaid mixer and blended all the ingredients until it whipped and creamy. Easy! Then I spooned it into this cute little 2oz. jar (I cut my recipe in half).

I made a cute little label for the jar and simply used modge podge to attach it to the top of the jar. If you don't want to modge podge, you could just put a piece of shipping tape over it and trim the edges.

Here is the label if you'd like to use it to put on your own jar! I included a round and square version, just in case you preferred one over the other. To download the image, just right click on it and click "save as".

Thanks for stopping by! If you want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils, follow my blog! I plan to post lots of recipes and give testimonies! Or you can click the link at the top of the page "What are Essential Oils?" to learn more!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

DIY Zombie Graveyard Birthday Cake

For my son's 7th Birthday party, he requested a ZOMBIE party. Try as I may, I looked everywhere for a "child appropriate" zombie cake. Because as we all know, Pinterest is full of ideas, but some of them are definitely not kid friendly. I'm not a big fan of store bought cakes anyways, so I decided to come up with my own design...and it was quite delicious and cool (or so my son said.)

Mini Crunch Bars for Grave Stones ( just cut corners with knife)
 Mini "candy corn" pumpkins (lucky for me it was halloween)
Green Apple Pull & Peel Twizzlers for Trees (I pulled them partially apart and then pushed half of a wooden kabob skewer into them to stick them in the cake)

 The creepy zombies I found here on AMAZON.
Then I just used oreo crumbs, chocolate sprinkles, green decorator icing and chocolate canned icing as a base.

As another fun dessert, I made Oreo dirt pudding. I found these cool zombie finger puppets in the halloween aisle at walmart and added some gummy worms. 

Time Out! Stools

Whew! I have been a very busy bee lately! I just wanted to pop in for a moment and share with you some of the "Time Out" stools that my friends and I created at on of my Pinterest Parties!
One of my favorite things about having these parties is getting to see how proud my friends are of their creations. It's always so cool to see how each person comes up with their own design!

First off, here is mine! 
I used a stencil to draw the chevron lines and then carefully hand painted them. I used black vinyl lettering that was cut with my Cricut for all of the stools.

I love how she painted the legs different colors!

I love how much personality this one has!

And lastly, the one my Sister in Law made! They are big fans of the Murray State University Racers! She bought a sticker car decal and put it on top!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Glass Painting Pinterest Party

I saw the photo below in Pinterest and fell in love with the cute colorful glasses! I just had to give this a try! So in invited my friend to bring a few glasses of their own and everyone picked up a Q-tip and went to work!
You can find the original idea post here.

Here is a look at everyone's creations!


This one is mine! A lovely orange and silver dotted vase!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DIY Cardtable Redo

I found this cheap card table at the local thrift store for just $4.00! I could always use another table at my Pinterest parties. I had seen a project like this one a few years back on someone else's blog and had kept the idea in the back of my brain ever since. So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought this adorable "Funky Paisley" fabric. I got 1 and 1/4 yards of fabric for $6.19! Whoo Hoo! 30% off!
Here is a look at the drab table before....
First, I poured some decoupage glue on the table and began spreading it with a sponge brush.

This is what the table looked like covered in a light coat of glue.

I laid the fabric over the table making sure it was spread out as well as I could. By the way, if you fabric is wrinkled at all, you will need to iron it out first to prevent ripples in the table.
After you spread it on the table, take something with a strong flat edge an smooth out the fabric to make sure there are no bubbles or ripples.
After the top is covered and smooth, you will need to spread glue on the sides of the table and wrap the fabric over the edge. I used my hands for this part. It gets a little messy and using my hand just worked better. It was at this point that I trimmed off the excess and then wrapped the fabric under the table a little.
Now you are ready to put a layer of modge podge on top of the fabric. Again, I just poured my glue directly on the fabric and spread it with the sponge brush. But when you get ready to do the edges, prepare to get messy, you may want to use your bare hands to spread the glue and apply pressure to it adheres well.  
This is the finished product! After 3 top coats of modge podge. The final 2 coats, I used a "glossy" finish modge podge, but it's up you. Use whatever you have!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

DIY Bean Sensory Bin

I actually did this project last summer and was recently reminded of it when my son looked in the hall closet and begged Mom to pull out the bean bin. :)
It's a really simple thing. All you need is:
A big storage bin (mine is about 30"x18" or so)
4-6 bags of beans (whatever is cheapest)
Some cheap dollar store sand toys: shovel, hand rake, dump truck, ect.
The great thing about this project is, your kids will think this is the most awesome toy every. My kids thought I was crazy buying all the beans until I poured them in the bin and told they could dig and play in them. The fun wore off after an hour or so, so I put them in the closet and would only pull them out on cold or rainy days when they were dying to get outside and play in the dirt. There is just something about digging and scooping things that little kids (especially boys) love! 
The only problem I seemed to have was that there were always beans all over the floor. So to prevent a messy clean up, I suggest putting a sheet down under the bucket so that when it's time to clean up you just gather up the sheet and dump them in the bin.


New Items Added to my Etsy Shop!

I've been selling/designing glass tile pendant jewelry for several years now, but just recently I decided to expand my etsy shop to include them. I just thought I'd share with you a small sampling of what I can do!
All pendants are $9.95 each and made to order. If you would like something changed, please specify in a message upon purchase. Each pendant comes with a matching ribbon necklace. If you do not specify which color you want, one will be chosen for you.

For photo designs, you will send me a photo and I will make you a beautiful one of a kind pendant. For stick figure designs, you will receive a convo after purchase directing you to choose your stick figures.

Pendant tray is shiny silver with a plain back. Items have been sealed and are water resistant but not waterproof and are not recommended for bathing or swimming in.

Tile may also be adapted into a keychain if you choose. Please let me know upon checkout and I will replace the necklace with a key ring.

Visit my shop and check out my 100% positive feedback and buy with confidence.

Thanks for stopping by! Now go have a look around my Etsy Shop!

Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY Paracord Survival Bracelet - Pinterest Party

After several Pinterest Parties, I decided it was time to do one that got the kids involved. Our house is always FULL of kids when we have these parties, because lets be honest, if I told everyone that they had to get babysitters or they couldn't come, we wouldn't have near as many people show up and it wouldn't be near as fun. :) So embrace the chaos!
For this project, I have to give credit to Frugal Fun for Boys who provided the tutorial! And the following shops where I purchased the paracord supplies:
Each of these suppliers sell different varieties of paracord and buckles. I just had to find some specific colors and buckles so I bought from more than one.
My boys were so proud of their bracelets. They wore them to school every day for a week. :)

This is a great beginners project. It's simple to make and fun to wear. The kids will need some assistance with the technique and burning the cords, but they will enjoy getting to help make it and will be proud of the results!

Getting our Paint on at Creative Canvas

Since my hubby is in Afghanistan on deployment, a girls night was long overdue!! A bunch of us ladies reserved a private painting class just for us at Creative Canvas! It's our hometown's little art shop, where they give classes and tutorials for amateur painters such as ourselves. My sister in law was very worried about how well her painting would turn out, I told her it was more about the experience and less about the end result. I have taken 2 of these classes so far and both times I learned something new. Half of our class chose to paint spooky owls and the other half painted pumpkins.

Here's a look at the whole group. Sorry the pic is a little fuzzy. We didn't realize it until we got home and it was the only shot we took :(

Here is my little gem. haha. It looks so cool underneath these bright florescent lights. However when I brought it home in the darker lighting of my dining room, the purple/black did not stand out as well as I hoped. I will probably pull it back out and touch it up sometime later to make the purple sky a little lighter, but for now, I think it's pretty cute. Btw, I made my owls a little more "spooky" than everyone else my slanting their eyes. :)
If you have place like Creative Canvas near you, I highly recommend you go sometime! It's tons of fun!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Back Porch Revival

This past week I took it upon myself to transform my back porch into something I could be proud of! It was a lot of hard work, but was so worth it in the end!
Here is a look at it before....

First I pressure washed it. No soap, just water. What a difference it made! The wood looked almost new! Wish I'd taken a pic of that step. Then I began using my paint sprayer to apply some Thompson's Stain/Watersealer in one. It is the "tinted" stain and the color was "Nutmeg Brown". Believe me, it looks nothing like it does on the can.
And after! much better!

What do you think?
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